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.she is absinthe and whiskey, she is poetry and prozac.

.this girl is taking bets.

tonight make me unstoppable.


last night i dreamt that i grew wings.
finally found a place where they can hear me when i sing.

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Marriage is love.

accents, agnosticism, ahimsa, alias, alphonse mucha, american horror story, angel, angel/cordelia, anglophilia, anna paquin, antiques, art, arthur rackham, arthurian legends, audrey kawasaki, autumn, ballet, being a liberal, bondage, bordertown, brian froud, buffy the vampire slayer, charles de lint, cintia dicker, coffee, damon/bonnie, dead like me, dean/jo, disposable cameras, doctor who, draco/ginny, dreaming, e.e. cummings, edie sedgwick, edinburgh, elementary, elfquest, elizabeth hand, europe, faeries, fantasy, feminism, feminist killjoy, feng shui, firefly, fringe, game of thrones, gay rights, ghosts, gilmore girls, gothic architecture, halloween, handcuffs, harry potter, holly black, house, independent coffee shops, instant gratification, intelligentsia, interior design, j.d. waterhouse, joseph gordon-levitt, kurt halsey, kushiel's legacy, labyrinth, london, making lists, mal/inara, master and margarita, michael/maria, michelle trachtenberg, mirrormask, moonlight, moscow, neil gaiman, new york city, nighttime, philosophy, photobooth pictures, photography, piercings, poetry, portland, postsecret, powell's, recycling, rocky horror picture show, rogue/wolverine, roswell, russia, sandman, sarcasm, seattle, six feet under, skins, social justice, socialism, soviet propaganda, spike/dawn, spirituality, staying in hotels, steampunk, stephanie law, studio ghibli, supernatural, sushi, tarot cards, tattoos, tea, the borgias, the dark, the malfoys, the sarah connor chronicles, the supernatural, the vampire diaries, theatre, thunderstorms, tim burton, traveling, true blood, urban fantasy, vampires, veronica mars, victoriana, vintage, voodoo doughnuts, voting, warhol superstars, writing, yoga


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